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Arlanda Express is owned and operated by A-Train AB, which also planned and constructed the new Arlanda rail link. When the link was completed in 1999, the railway facilities were transferred to the Swedish government. In return, we at A-Train AB lease back the link based on an exclusive concession, which gives us the right to operate trains on the link until 2050. Operations are conducted entirely on a commercial basis.

At A-Train, we do not regard ourselves as a transport company in the traditional sense. Instead, we view ourselves as an extension of our passengers’ flight and, in that respect, it is natural that we provide our customers with the same high level of service, comfort and considerations as the airlines.

During 2002, we were elected Transport Company of the Year and, during the same year, the Arlanda Express was named a Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

The Good Environmental Choice has Europe’s most stringent requirements for the ecolabelling of transport companies and A-Train AB was the first company in Sweden to meet the new rules. The requirements include publishing reports on our various particle emissions and ensuring that they stay within the set limits, plus a special maintenance plan to reduce the use of environmentally harmful cleaning substances.



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