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  • You can book your journey up to one hour prior to departure and pay with your credit card.
  • Booking is possible a maximum of one year in advance.
  • The ticket is valid for one journey the entire chosen date and in any direction. 
  • The card or SMS will be your ticket and shall be presented to the Arlanda Express train attendant when you travel. You can also choose to book the ticket on a card other than the one used for payment. 
  • You must be able to present valid identification to verify your entitlement to youth/pensioner discounts.
  • A receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • Paper confirmation, booking numbers, receipts, etc., are not valid as tickets.


The ticket is valid for one journey the entire chosen date and in any direction. You can rebook your journey, on condition that the journey has not been utilized.

Journeys that are booked on are non-refundable.

  • It is neccessary to register as a user since the journeys are reebookable, and you reebook via logging in to your account.
  • You must be logged on with your e-mail address and password to be able to rebook the journeys that you have not utilized. 
  • You can rebook up until the day prior to your booked journey.
  • If you wish to rebook a future journey for today, you must rebook at the latest one hour prior to boarding.
  • A booking that comprises the campaign “2 for 280, 3 for 380 and 4 for 480 SEK” or Weekend Return Ticket" cannot be rebooked. 
  • A utilized journey cannot be rebooked. A journey is utilized when the travel date has passed, regardless of whether or not you completed the journey.


When you book your journey online you don't have to keep track of your paper ticket or receipt. You will simply be travelling on your credit card or SMS-ticket (please notice that SMS-tickets is only available for european mobile numbers), which you present to our train attendant on board when you travel. The ticket is valid for one journey the entire chosen date and in any direction. The tickets you book online are not reimburseable.
The first time you book tickets online you will be asked in the payment page to state your e-mail address and a password. Otherwise you can't rebook your journeys. The next time you visit, you simply login with your e-mail address and password.  

When you are logged in, your details are prefilled on the payment page (except for the credit card number), which further simplifies your purchase. You can also see your rebookable journeys. If you want to see all booked journeys (rebookable and non-rebookable), just go to your Order history. It's also very easy to print receipts for your journeys. 

How to book online:

It is simple to book and purchase tickets online. We will guide you step by step. You can read a brief description of how it is done below:

Step 1. (Start page)
State the number of passengers and type of ticket (single or return).

Step 2
Enter the dates of your journey and possible return. The ticket is valid all day, from first to last departure, even departs after midnight. 

Step 3
Choose among the ticket alternatives we have on offer.
Step 4
State the names of all paying passengers. 

The names of accompanying children, 0 – 17 years, are not necessary, but it is important that they are included in your booking.
If you are travelling o
“2 for 280, 3 for 380 and 4 for 480 SEK - discount tickets, only one name is to be stated. 

Step 5
Fill in personal and card information and choose if you want to register the journey on another card or receive it as a SMS (only available for european mobile numbers). Do not forget to accept our travel conditions. If you book for the first time, you will be asked to state a password, with which you later on use to log in to the online booking.

We accept most credit cards. Payment is completely secure and occurs via VeriSigns 128 bits SSL encryption.
VeriSign is the first choice among suppliers of SSL certificates for the 40 largest banks in the world. They have confidence in VeriSign due to its encryption technology and rigorous practice for authenticating companies.

Read more about Verisign >>
If you have problems with booking and purchasing your tickets, you may need to change the computer’s security settings. 

Click here for helpful tips>> 

Do you have questions about your booking? 
Contact Customer Service at: +46 771 720 200. Personal service: Mondays – Fridays 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.mAutomatic service at other times.
You can also send e-mails to We will try our best to reply to your e-mail not later than the following working day.






2 for 280, 3 for 380 and 4 for 480". If you are travelling two, three or four adults together, single journey, applies Thu-Sunday. (All children 0-17 yrs travel for free).

You can buy the discount tickets here at the website. The ticket is not available as a specific ticket category, but when you book two, three or four adult tickets for the periods when the discount applies, this ticket option will appear automatically in step 3.

Then you can choose either full price tickets (reebookable) - or the discount ticket (non rebookable).


Thursday or Friday in combination with Saturday or Sunday (same weekend), one adult travels on a return ticket for only SEK 325. All children 0-17 yrs travel for free.

You can only buy the ticket here at the website. The ticket is not available as a specific ticket category, but when you book a return ticket according to the terms above this ticket option will appear automatically in step 3. Then you can choose a Weekend Return ticket SEK 325 (non rebookable) – or a full price ticket (rebookable) for SEK 490.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service centre at +46 771 720 200, or send an e-mail at arlandaexpress(a) 

Children, 0-17 yrs
Youth, 18-25 yrs
Step 1 of 5

A-Train AB


Arlanda Express is owned and operated by A-Train AB, which also planned and constructed the new Arlanda rail link. When the link was completed in 1999, the railway facilities were transferred to the Swedish government. In return, we at A-Train AB lease back the link based on an exclusive concession, which gives us the right to operate trains on the link until 2040. Operations are conducted entirely on a commercial basis.

At A-Train, we do not regard ourselves as a transport company in the traditional sense. Instead, we view ourselves as an extension of our passengers’ flight and, in that respect, it is natural that we provide our customers with the same high level of service, comfort and considerations as the airlines.

During 2002, we were elected Transport Company of the Year and, during the same year, the Arlanda Express was named a Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

The Good Environmental Choice has Europe’s most stringent requirements for the ecolabelling of transport companies and A-Train AB was the first company in Sweden to meet the new rules. The requirements include publishing reports on our various particle emissions and ensuring that they stay within the set limits, plus a special maintenance plan to reduce the use of environmentally harmful cleaning substances.
Since January, 2004, A-Train AB is owned by the Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund.


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