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Arlanda Express Bike Generators

Bike Generators available in our waiting hall at Stockholm Central Station
Arlanda Express’ staff Jeanette Styfberg, Agnieszka Kvarnström, Louise Westerberg and Claudia Sjölander came up with the idea of a Bike Generator to demonstrate how similar Arlanda Express is to biking when it comes to environmental friendliness.

Charge your electric gadgets while you race against Arlanda Express with our bike generators! Show your friends how smart and sustainable you are by taking a photo of yourself riding this bike and hashtagging it #arlandaexpress 

Second to biking, Arlanda Express is the most environmentally friendly way to travel to Arlanda   
Today, you are not only making the fastest and most comfortable journey to Arlanda, you are also making the second most environmental one. Only biking emits less carbon dioxide on this 40km stretch.

• Award-winning Arlanda Express is friendly towards both environment and passengers
• Only four persons have ever biked faster than 200km/h (the speed of Arlanda Express).
• Biking = 100 % natural energy. Arlanda Express = 100 % natural energy.
• Arlanda Express = 100% hydropower, wind power and biofuels.
• Stockholm-Arlanda: Biking = 2 hours. Arlanda Express = 20 min.
• Who will be fastest and most environmental in the future?

Arlanda Express has been appointed a Good Environmental Choice
The eco-label “Good Environmental Choice” is appointed to products that exert the least possible impact on the environment.

Arlanda Express has been appointed a “Good Environmental Choice” label for:

• Running the trains on 100 % renewable energy sources.
• Choosing energy suppliers with the highest and toughest environmental standards.
• Following Sweden’s limits for energy consumption, greenhouse gases and nitrogen oxides.
• Cushioning the train seats with ecological cotton and providing environmental paper towels and soap in our restrooms.

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