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Booking regulations e-tickets


  • Online tickets must be purchased before you board the train regardless of ticket type.
  • Booking is possible a maximum of one year in advance.
  • The ticket is valid for one journey the entire chosen date and in any direction until last departure 01:05 from Arlanda.
  • Our campaign tickets "2 for SEK 350, 3 for SEK 450, 4 for SEK 550", applies during campain periods, Thu-Sun and bank holidays. The ticket is valid until last departure 01:05 from Arlanda, night between Sun/Mon.
  • You can choose to load your e-ticket on your credit card of choice or a Coop or ICA clubcard. The card on which the ticket is loaded must be presented to the Arlanda Express train attendants on your journey. You can also choose to receive your e-ticket in the form of a booking code to your e-mail address. The code is then presented to the train attendants on board.
  • You must be able to present valid identification to verify your entitlement to youth discount.
  • A receipt will be e-mailed to you on completion of the purchase.
  • Paper confirmation, booking numbers, receipts, etc., are not valid as tickets.


  • By approving these travel terms and conditions, as a user you consent to A-Train AB processing your personal data (including name, personal identification number, address, phone number, purchasing/travel history and truncated credit card information) for the purposes set out below. A-Train AB (Arlanda Express) processes personal data in accordance with applicable legislation[1] for the processing of personal data.
  • A-Train AB processes your personal data to enable ticket purchasing and for any support and complaint handling.
  • A-Train AB may also process your personal data for marketing and customer analyses, business management, business development, risk management and direct marketing of A-Train AB’s goods and services.
  • Your personal data will be stored in A-Train AB’s computer system and in support and complaint handling your personal data may also appear in A-Train AB’s e-mail management system.
  • Personal data may also be shared, periodically, with external parties (including, but not limited to, situations where A-Train AB has a legal obligation to do so) to fulfil the above purpose. In order to guarantee that your personal data is treated in a safe and secure manner, A-Train has entered into personal data processing agreements with each external party that processes personal data on behalf of A-Train AB.
  • Personal data will be stored for as long as necessary to enable the above or until you withdraw your consent.
  • You can at any time withdraw your consent, request to see the personal data registered about you, request that inaccurate information is corrected or that your personal data is erased. You can at any time state that you do not wish A-Train to use your personal data for marketing purposes. In such cases, the user must contact A-Train AB via the website of Arlanda Express www.arlandaexpress.se
  • A-Train AB only uses secure payment methods, which means credit card information is truncated.



[1] The Personal Data Protection Act (1998:2004) and, after 25 May 2018, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 as well as associated regulations and legislation.


  • It is neccessary to register as a user since the journeys are reebookable*, and you reebook via logging in to your account.
  • You must be logged on with your e-mail address and password to be able to rebook the journeys that you have not utilized. 
  • You can rebook up until the day prior to your booked journey.
  • If you wish to rebook a future journey for today, you must rebook at the latest one hour prior to boarding.
  • Our campaign tickets “2 for 350, 3 for 450 and 4 for 550 SEK” and our Early Bird campaign tickets cannot be rebooked
  • A utilized journey cannot be rebooked. A journey is utilized when the travel date has passed, regardless of whether or not you completed the journey.

*Our campaign tickets “2 for 350, 3 for 450 and 4 for 550 SEK” and our Early Bird campaign tickets cannot be rebooked and are non-refundable.


The ticket is valid for one journey the entire chosen date and in any direction. You can rebook your journey, on condition that the journey has not been utilized.


Journeys that are booked on www.arlandaexpress.com are non-refundable.


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