Order Travelcards/Bulk tickets

Welcome to the Arlanda Express online ordering service. Here you can order 12-month passes, travelcards and bulk tickets for private use. 12-month passes are valid for one year from the first trip, multi-trip cards are valid for five years from the first journey.

Payment can be made by credit card through an encrypted site. Passes, travelcards and/or tickets will be delivered by registered mail within one week of purchase.

12-month pass (unlimited journeys) 25 000 SEK
Travelcard 50 journeys 9 800 SEK
Travelcard 25 journeys 5 200 SEK
Travelcard 10 (adult) 2 360 SEK
Travelcard 10 Youth/Student/Pensioner 1 180 SEK
Pack of 10 single tickets 2 600 SEK
Pack of 25 single tickets 6 500 SEK
Pack of 10 return tickets 4 900 SEK
Pack of 10 single tickets Youth/Student/Pensioner 1 300 SEK

At Arlanda Express all customer information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
With orders of less then SEK 8000 an administrations fee of SEK 125 is charged (incl. VAT).

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