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If you are a frequent traveller with Arlanda Express, it could be advisable to buy a 12-month pass or one of our environmentally friendly rechargeable travelcards.

Buy your travelcard here online (choose your alternative above), at our ticket office, on board or in Swedavia ticket counters at Arlanda Airport.

Discount Emission CO2
Arlanda Express
Emission CO2
Travelcard 365  25 000 SEK 100 %
after 96 trips
< 1 kg
(approx. 100 trips) 
220 kg

Personal 12-month pass.
Unlimited number of journeys for a year,
as of first journey.Can only be purchased

Travelcard 50 journeys 10 500 SEK 25% 0,48 kg
106 kg
Travelcard 25 journeys 5 600 SEK 20% 0,24 kg
53 kg
Travelcard 10 journeys*
2 450 SEK 12% 0,10 kg 23 kg



* You can also purchase 10 journeys using our app.
   Through March 31, you will receive a further SEK 100 discount when you purchase 10 journeys using our app.

Travelcard 365, personal 12-month pass

  • The 12-month pass is personal and only valid together with a current photo identification card
  • The pass is valid for one year, as of the first journey
  • Children 0-17 years max. 4 travel for free.
  • Invoice or credit card payment
  • Repayment: If at least two months remain of the pass’s validity, deduct SEK 2 200 per month plus a service charge of SEK 450


  • Travelcards are transferable and may be used by several persons, either individually or in a group.
  • The first journey must be made within one year from purchase.
  • Travelcards are valid for five years from the first journey.
  • Travelcards are sold onboard trains, at the ticket office at Stockholm Central Station, in our app and at Swedavia's information desks at Arlanda.
  • Travelcard can also be purchased on our web. Credit card payment. Invoice payment is possible for companies. For orders of travelcards and bulk tickets of less than SEK 8,000, an administrative cost of SEK 125 (VAT incl) will be charged (does not apply in the app).
  • Children 0-17 years max. 4 travel for free.
  • No refund once a travelcard is used.

Bulk tickets
These tickets are available in packs of 10- and 25 tickets. Return tickets are available in 10-ticket packs (20 journeys). Return tickets are discounted and each ticket is valid for one month since the first journey.  


Pack of 10 single tickets

2 800 SEK

Pack of 25 single tickets
7 000 SEK
Pack of 10 return tickets
5 400 SEK

Pack of 10 single tickets

1 500 SEK


For orders of bulk tickets of less than SEK 8,000, an administrative cost of SEK 125 (VAT incl) will be charged.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact