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Arlanda Express wins a Red Dot Design Award

4/4/2011 8:44:00 AM




Idesign has won the Red Dot Award for the new interior design of Arlanda Express High-speed Airport Train in Stockholm, Sweden.

4433 applications from over 60 countries has been submitted for the Red Dot Design Award for the 2011 edition. The award started in 1955 and is the world’s largest design competition.

The prize ceremony is taking place on the 4th of July in the Alto Theater, the opera house of the City of Essen in Germany. The Arlanda Express project together with the other winners will be shown at the Red Dot Design Museum in special exhibition during four weeks from the 4th.

Johan Larsvall, CEO of Idesign:
“This is really the perfect receipt for all the design work we’ve put in for our client A-Train. It’s also great that the subcontractors we’ve engaged in this also can share this great achievement.”

Per Thorstenson, CEO of Arlanda Express:
“We at Arlanda Express see it as our goal to exceed our passengers’ expectations. This time it was us who got our expectations exceeded…”

Since the project consists of so many sub-projects that create the big picture it is especially fun that we got the responsibility for designing all of them. For example a totally new seat with Safeman, a new lighting solution with Flux in cooperation with Anders Liljefors, professor in lighting, an innovative window shade with magnet lock from Silent Gliss, a blinking heart in the toilet door in cooperation with Euromaint and so on, the list is long. The best way to enjoy the result is of course to take a ride with the train. Three out of seven trains are rolled out and the rest will be delivered during 2011.

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