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50 million passengers for Arlandabanan

6/25/2013 1:25:00 PM

Arlandabanan has reached yet another milestone, with 50 million passengers having travelled on the Arlanda Express or with other train companies operating on the line since it opened in 1999. It is estimated that during 2013 more than five million passengers will take the train to and from Arlanda Airport.

Arlandabanan is the 20 km-long double-track railway that links Arlanda Airport with the rest of the rail network. Arlandabanan was Sweden's first major infrastructure project in over 100 years and was largely financed by private capital. A number of big international banks put up loans, with future receipts from the sale of tickets serving as the only guarantee.

Construction of Arlandabanan began in 1995, and the line opened to traffic on 24 November 1999. The construction work was completed on time and on budget. Arlandabanan only carries passenger traffic and both regional and long-distance trains stop at Arlanda Airport. In December 2012, two public transport networks, SL and UL, introduced commuter train services between Älvsjö and Uppsala, operating via Arlanda Airport. One of the aims is to improve public transport services to Arlanda Airport, enabling the airport to better manage growing passenger numbers in line with applicable environmental requirements.

"Arlandabanan has had a major impact, not just in Stockholm but throughout Sweden, having contributed to the development of trade and industry, as well as raising Sweden's profile as an international role model in terms of tackling greenhouse gas emissions. Arlandabanan's importance is constantly growing, as reflected in the continued rapid growth of both the Mälardal region and Arlanda Airport," says Karin Starrin, Chairman of the Board at Arlandabanan Infrastructure.

Passenger numbers have gradually increased, with Arlandabanan carrying a total of 4.6 million passengers in 2012. Of these, 3.3 million travelled with Arlanda Express, while the remaining 1.3 million travelled on services operated by other train companies.

"Arlanda Express was the first train operator to introduce services on Arlandabanan, but Arlandabanan is so much more than Arlanda Express. The fact that over the past 14 years 50 million travellers have opted to take the train rather than the E4 motorway shows that we, as train operators, cooperate well together and offer our passengers a first-class service," says Per Thorstenson, CEO of Arlanda Express.

For additional information, please contact:
Per Thorstenson, CEO, Arlanda Express
Tel.: +46 (0)8-588 890 20, Mobile: +46 (0)73-688 90 20
E-mail: per.thorstenson@atrain.se 

About Arlanda Express
Arlanda Express is the express train that operates between Stockholm's Central Station and Arlanda Airport. The trains depart six times every hour at peak times and once every 15 minutes at other times. The journey takes no more than 20 minutes. Arlanda Express has been awarded the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's eco-label "Good Environmental Choice". Arlanda Express has approximately 180 employees. The service began operating in 1999 and in 2012 3.3 million passengers travelled with Arlanda Express. For images and more information, please visit: www.arlandaexpress.com

About Arlandabanan Infrastructure
Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB (AIAB) owns Arlandabanan and is responsible for the Swedish State's rights and obligations concerning Arlandabanan. The company is owned by the State. For more information, please visit www.arlandabanan.se

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