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Arlanda Express's profit entails payment of MSEK 46 to the Swedish State

5/16/2019 10:05:00 AM

A-Train, the company that operates Arlanda Express, reported an increase in revenue, but profit declined for 2018. The company continues to make repayments on its loan from the Swedish State in an amount of MSEK 46. The number of passengers that travelled on the Arlanda Link was on a par with the preceding year.

For 2018, A-Train’s revenue amounted to MSEK 913 (2017: 911). Earnings were MSEK 268 (2017: 282).

The payment conditions for the “royalty” loan are governed by A-Train’s financial performance. The loan of SEK 1 billion was issued to the consortium that built the Arlanda Link at the end of the 1990s. A-Train began to repay the loan in 2016 and the payment for 2018 amounts to MSEK 46. The forecast is that A-Train will pay approximately SEK 3 billion within the framework of the royalty loan.

A total of 5.8 million passengers travelled on the Arlanda Link. In addition to the Arlanda Express, the Arlanda Link is served by SL and UL, which run commuter trains, and SJ, which runs long-distance trains.

During the year, a new CEO started at the company, Magnus Zetterberg. Magnus has extensive experience of the travel industry from such positions as President (EMEA) of the Hurtigruten cruise company, and earlier, had a successful career at Scandinavian Airlines.

“I am convinced that Arlanda Express will become increasingly important for those travelling between Stockholm Central Station and Arlanda Airport. Passengers are increasingly appreciative of convenience, timetable reliability and environmental aspects. In addition, we have already introduced a substantial discount for those who book their tickets in advance,” says Magnus Zetterberg, CEO of Arlanda Express.

For further information, please contact:

Magnus Zetterberg, CEO of Arlanda Express
Tel: +46 (0)8 588 890 00

About Arlanda Express
Arlanda Express is the airport express train linking Stockholm’s Central Station and Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Trains depart six times an hour in peak-time traffic and every fifteen minutes at other times. The journey takes no more than 18 minutes. Arlanda Express has been awarded the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s eco-label “Good Environmental Choice”.  The service began in 1999.  80 million passengers have now travelled on the Arlanda Link between Stockholm city centre and Stockholm Arlanda Airport and 3.6 million passengers travelled with Arlanda Express in 2018. For images and more information, visit: www.arlandaexpress.com 


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