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Environment and CSR

Arlanda Express and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Arlanda Express is committed to diversity
At Arlanda Express, diverstity is a watchword that is taken into account in all operations. Our internal focus on diversity is governed by the Arlanda Express Diversificatin Policy, which specifies that:

  • Arlanda Express aims for cultural and ethnic diversity in recruitment
  • Arlanda Express strives to have a broad age distribution and balanced gender distribution among its employees
  • Arlanda Express does not toelrate discrimination in any form

Arlanda Express extends its commitment to diversity to include external accountability through a Declaration of Diversity. The Declaration of Diversity is inspired by the UN Declaration of Human Rights. With this DoD as a point of departure, Arlanda Express will identify projects and goals to which the company will commit, such as through economic contributions.

  • Arlanda Express Declaration of Diversity
  • Arlanda Express believs that all human beings are of equal value and have the same rights
  • Arlanda Express believes that all diversity means broadmindedness, acceptance and equality
  • Arlanda Express believes that diversity hastens democatisation locally and globally

Based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Arlanda Express supports increased diversity. Arlanda Express supports its business partners to focus progressively on diversity.

Arlanda Express and the environment

Green electricity 
Train travel is eco-friendly. Emissions are very low and it’s an energy-efficient way to travel. Did you know that next to cycling, trains are the best way to travel from an environmental perspective?
Our trains run on 100% green electricity, or electricity labelled a “Good Environmental Choice.” This means that renewable sources, such as hydropower, wind power or biofuels, are used to generate the electricity.



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