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E-tickets from Swedish travel agencies

When you purchase and book air travel with a Swedish travel agency, you can also book your journey on the Arlanda Express. All you need is the personal credit or bank card (but not VISA Electron or Maestro), this will then serve as your ticket.

You do not need to pay with the card; you pay according to the agreement you have with the travel agency.

If you have booked an e-ticket on the Arlanda Express along with your ticket for air travel, just step aboard and show your card to one of our train attendants, who has all the necessary ticket information in a handheld computer. The attendant swipes your card through the computer to validate the ticket. 

You can book journeys with your travel agency no later than one hour before departure. Cancellations can be made until departure. The ticket is only valid on the day you booked and cannot be saved for future use. Be sure to rebook or cancel your ticket if your travel plans should change. Do this by contacting your travel agency. You can put several journeys on one single card, enabling an entire group travelling together to keep all their tickets on the same card.