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Here we have gathered some of the most common questions and answers about Arlanda Express. If you have any other questions or need more information, please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Do you have any tips or opinions for how we could improve the content of our FAQ page? If so, write FAQ at the beginning of the form’s message field.

Ticket purchases

Where can I buy tickets, and what terms and conditions apply?
Tickets are available from numerous sources. However, if you wish to buy tickets included in one of our campaigns, you must buy your tickets from our website or using our app or vending machines.

Do you have any discounted tickets?
Of course. If you are a group travelling together we got 2 for SEK 379, 3 for SEK 479 and 4 for SEK 579. Click this link for all our prices

I need to rebook the trip that I booked online
Flex / Fullprice tickets can be rebooked up until one day prior to the booked travel date.

What to do: enter your e-mail address and booking number in the Edit Booking field on the first page to change your booking. If you have an account registered, log in on the upper righthand corner. 

How do I book using a voucher code?
Select the applicable ticket category for the voucher code, choose the travel date and then enter the code in the Discount code/voucher code field (which you will find at the foot of the page in the Purchase tickets field). The system will then remove the cost of the ticket at the next stage in the process.

Can I travel with an SL access card?
No, only Arlanda Express tickets are valid on our trains.

Do you give discounts to students?
No, but we can recommend some of our discounted tickets. Read more here.

Do you give discounts to pensioners?
No, but we can recommend some of our discounted tickets. Read more here.

Do you give discounts to children or youths?
Yes, we do. You can bring children aged 0-17 for free when accompanied by a paying adult (aged 26 or above). However, any unaccompanied youth aged 8-25 will need to purchase a youth ticket.

How do I add a ticket to Wallet on my iPhone?
If you have bought a ticket on our web, you can easily add the ticket to your Wallet. In your iPhone, click on the icon at the bottom of the e-mail you receive from us when you purchased your ticket on the web and select "add". Then open your Wallet app on your iPhone to view it.

Apple Wallet is an Apple app that collects tickets and discount coupons and makes it easier to keep track of all current tickets, gathered in one place on the mobile.

Common questions about the app

Where/how do I download the app?
Go to Appstore or Google play. Our app is Arlanda Express.

I am unable to download the app, since I have no mobile data.
You are welcome to use the free WiFi we offer under the ArlandaExpress name.

How do I pay for a ticket using the app?
You must have a debit or credit card, which can be used for online purchases, to buy a ticket using the app.

I get the following message: “unable to download the app at this time”.
It is difficult to say why, it could be an issue with Appstore/Google play, insufficient memory left on the phone making it impossible to download more apps, no internet connection, or no WiFi. This could be resolved by restarting the phone.

Why do I not receive a verification code?
Try waiting for a little while, it usually only takes a few seconds but sometimes it may take longer, which may depend on your service provider. It may also be that the notifications is turned off.

Your app does not accept my debit card, it worked fine a moment ago at Starbucks.
Both Swedish and international customers are often unaware that their cards could be blocked for use for online purchases. Check with your bank whether your card can be used for online purchases.

Do I have to choose a security code?
No, you only need a security code if you wish to save your debit/credit card in the app. But if you think you will use the app again, you will save time by having a security code as purchases will go much faster and more smoothly.

What does “card name” mean and do I have to fill anything in?
You can choose to skip this field. Some customers want to have several cards saved in the app, for example, one for private travel and another for business travel.

How long is a ticket bought via the app valid?
Tickets are valid for a period of 30 days from the purchase date.

Can I use the app on multiple devices?
No, the app can only be used on one device.

Can I purchase tickets using the app and send them to a friend?
No, the telephone must accompany the person travelling.

Why do I have to buy and activate the ticket prior to boarding the train?
Since the journey only takes 18 minutes, our train attendants cannot wait for you to complete your purchase when on the train.

How long is an activated ticket valid?
You have one hour in which to travel once the ticket has been activated.

The app won’t open when I mistakenly type in the incorrect security code three times.
Contact Customer Service for assistance.

Do I have to accept all the updates pertaining to the app?
Yes, ensure you have the latest updates to the app and the phone’s operating system to make sure the app works optimally. The app and the phone’s operating system will not always work together if one of them has an older version.

Can’t I download the app when on board?
We recommend that you download the app, buy the ticket and activate it prior to boarding the train. If you do not manage to do this on board, you will have to purchase a standard ticket.

I have lost my receipt for purchases via the app.
Don’t worry, it is easy to obtain a copy of the receipt using the following instructions.

  • Through the My Page tab the receipt can be resent. Click on Transactions and the transaction for which you would like a receipt. Then select Send as e-mail.

During and after your journey

How long is the journey to/from Arlanda?
18 minutes!

How many stops are there on route to Arlanda?
The train runs between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport. At Arlanda, the train stops first at Arlanda South (terminals 2, 3 and 4), the second and final stop is at Arlanda North (Terminal 5).

Do you have any travel-time guarantee?
Yes, probably the best travel-time guarantee in Sweden. For the complete terms and conditions for our travel-time guarantee see terms and conditions

How do I lodge a claim regarding a journey?
If you should be so unfortunate as to suffer a delay, please contact our Refunds & Claims department via the following link. 

What do I do if I forget something on the train?
If you have forgotten something, it is highly likely that one of our service-minded train attendants will have taken care of it for you. Click on the link to see if we have found something that might belong to you.
Lost and Found

I have lost my receipt for purchases via the website.

  • If you have an account registered, you can log in and send the receipt by e-mail.
  • If you don’t have an account, you can enter your booking number and e-mail in the Edit booking field on the first page and reprint your receipt.

Do I have to pay a station fee at Arlanda Airport?
No, we do not have a fee for passing to and from our trains and the airport terminals at Arlanda Airport.

May I bring an animal on board?
Of course your furry little friend is welcome. If you are travelling with a dog or other small pet, these can be kept in a cage or carrier in accordance with your airline’s rules and regulations. When bringing an animal with you on your travels, we would request that you sit in the middle carriages, which are marked with an animals permitted decal to ensure that allergy sufferers are not disturbed. These rules do not apply for guide dogs, which are naturally permitted in all carriages. Read more about the journey here. 

What are the opening times for the Arlanda Express ticket office at Stockholm Central Station?
Mon - Sun 4.00 a.m. – 09.00 p.m.

How do I get to the Arlanda Express when Stockholm Central Station is closed?
The entrances from Vasaplan/Östra Järnvägsgatan 15 and Kungsbron 1 are always open when our trains are running.

How do I obtain a refund on an unused ticket?
If you have a refundable ticket, please contact the Refunds & Claims department for a refund.
Here are the contact details Refunds & Claims/Travel-time garantee.


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