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Online tickets must be purchased at least one hour prior to departure.

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2 for 300:-, 3 for 400 and 4 for 500:-

Applicable: Thu-Sun and bank holidays.
Two, three or four persons travelling together, single journey.
This discounted ticket cannot be rebooked or refunded. Can be purchased online and in our ticket vending machines, ticket counter at Stockholm Central Station and in the Information counters at Arlanda.

    Single    Return  
Adult SEK 280   SEK 540  
From 26 years
Youth - unaccompanied SEK 150   SEK 300  
8-25 years, must be verified upon request.        
Children - accompanied by adult SEK 0      

Children 0-17 yrs. max. 4 travel for free accompanied by adult from 26 yrs (not applicable to student tickets).
Age must be verified.

Student SEK 140   SEK 280  Not online
Sold in our ticket counter at Stockholm Central Station and in the Information counters at Arlanda.        
For non Swedish students a valid ISIC card is required. For Swedish students a Mecenat card/Studentkortet and an ID is required.        
6 hours return ticket     SEK 340  Not online

Valid for 6 hours from start of journey.


Gift Cards
Gift cards are available at our ticket office in the waiting hall at Stockholm Central Station. You can buy single or return tickets for adults and youths and give away a trip with Arlanda Express. The tickets are valid for one year. 

  • All prices including 6 % VAT.
  • Tickets are valid for one month unless otherwise stated.
  • SEK 100 surcharge for ticket purchase on board.
  • E-ticket must be purchased at least one hour prior to departure.
  • Travelcards are valid for five years from first trip.
  • Discount entitlement must be verified.
  • E-tickets are valid for the day you booked.
  • Receipt is not valid as a ticket.
  • Arlanda Express makes reservations subject to price-, rule- and timetable changes


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