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When you book your journey online, you do not need a paper ticket or a receipt. You simply travel with your credit card, which you present to our train attendant on board when you travel. Purchase your ticket online up to one hour before you depart, and for a maximum period of one year in advance. The ticket is valid for a single journey at any time on the selected date, in an optional direction. The journeys you purchase online are not refundable, but you can reschedule them within one year.

You can book your journey with or without registering/logging in.

If you travel regularly, you will benefit from registering a user account. Next time you log in, the payment page will automatically complete your billing details and simplify your online purchase. You can also see your bookings, and the journeys that can be rescheduled. You can also see all of your previous bookings and print receipts for your completed journeys by simply clicking a button. 

If you only intend to travel once, you have the option of purchasing a ticket without creating a user account or logging in. You can easily reschedule your journey with the booking code that you receive and your e-mail address.

On the start page

- Enter the number of passengers and the type of ticket (one-way or return)

- Enter the date of your journey, and return date if applicable. The ticket is valid at any time on the date of your booking, from first to last departure, including departures after midnight. 

Select PURCHASE if you do not wish to register a user account

Select Log in if you already have an account or want to register

Step  1 (Select ticket)

Select the ticket options that suit you best. Please note that discounted tickets cannot be rescheduled.

Step 2 (Passenger details)

Enter the name of all paying passengers. 

The names of accompanying children aged 0-17 are not required. Simply enter the number of children.

Complete the personal and payment details and select whether you want to register the journey on another payment card. Don’t forget to accept our travel terms and conditions. Enter an e-mail address to receive confirmation of your booking. 

If you have never booked Arlanda Express online before and have chosen to register an account, you will be asked to enter an e-mail address (which will become your username) and a password, which you will use next time you log in.

Step 3 (Pay and complete)

Complete booking regulations are found here>> 

Do you have any questions about your booking? 
Call Customer Service on tel: 0771-720 200 (Sweden only). We offer personal service Monday-Friday, 8.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m. 

You can also e-mail
arlandaexpress@atrain.se. We’ll do our best to answer your email no later than the next working day. 

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