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Earn CashPoints with Norwegian

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Earn CashPoints with Norwegian when you travel on the Arlanda Express
As a member of the Norwegian Reward programme you can earn CashPoints when you buy tickets on our website or in our App. You will earn 4% Norwegian CashPoints of your purchase. The points you earn are saved together with the points you have accumulated from other partners of the Norwegian Reward programme. You can then use your points to purchase flight tickets and subsequently utilise other benefits with Norwegian.

Join Norwegian Reward and start earning points!

1. Join Norwegian Reward if you are not already a member
2. Enter your Norwegian Reward number when you buy a ticket on our website or in our App
3. Travel on the Arlanda Express and earn CashPoints

Terms and conditions:
Your ticket must be purchased online at arlandaexpress.se or in our App in order to earn CashPoints (not applicable for travelcards). You must state your Reward number when buying a ticket to earn points. Check that your number is included in your order when you buy your ticket. Points cannot be earned in arrears. CashPoints for Norwegian Reward that have been registered for your purchase are deleted if your ticket is refunded.

For questions about Norwegian Reward on the Arlanda Express, contact arlandaexpress@atrain.se