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Portare 1 AB

On 9 July, 2014 Portare 1 AB (Portare) acquired all the shares in the company which owns A-Train AB.
The vendor was Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund which had owned the company since 2004. Portare is owned by State Super, Sunsuper and SAFE. The acquisition involved an approval and co-ordination process with the AIAB.

About the owners:
STC Pooled Fund (State Super) is a pension fund for 120,000 public sector employees in the Australian State of New South Wales. State Super own 37.5% of the shares in Portare.
Sunsuper Pooled Superannuation Trust (Sunsuper) is one of Australia’s largest pension funds with more than one million members.
State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) / Gingko Tree Investments Ginko Tree Investment (GTIL) is the London-based European infrastructure investment subsidiary of China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange, which manages the foreign exchange reserves for the People's Bank of China. When SAFE makes infrastructure and real estate investments in Europe, it is represented by its English subsidiary GTIL. SAFE / GTIL owns 37.5% of the shares in Portare.

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