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Tickets and fares

Here you will find ticket information and fares.
Online tickets must be purchased not later than one hour prior to departure regardless of ticket type.
More information about each ticket is provided in the information box (i).

Only Arlanda Express tickets are valid on board.
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Adult from 26 years Single
SEK 280
SEK 540

Children 0-17 years - accompanied   SEK 0

Children/Youth 8-25 years - unaccompanied Single
  SEK 150
SEK 300

Student Single
SEK 140
SEK 280

2 for SEK 350 , Thu-Sun    Single SEK 350

3 for SEK 450 , Thu-Sun      Single SEK 450

4 for SEK 550 , Thu-Sun    Single SEK 550

Early Bird 90-days advanced purchase -  web only Single SEK 154

Early Bird 30-days advanced purchase -  web only Single SEK 196

Early Bird 14-days advanced purchase -  web only Single SEK 252

6 hours Return SEK 340

Travelcard 10 -  earn 1 journey Single SEK 2450

Travelcard 25 -  earn 5 journeys Single SEK 5600

Travelcard 50 -  earn 12 journeys Single SEK 10500

Pack of 10 tickets  Single SEK 2800

Pack of 25 tickets Single SEK 7000

Pack of 10 tickets Return SEK 5400

Pack of 10 tickets - youth 8-25 years Single SEK 1500


Arlanda Express Ticket Conditions

  • Tickets can be used in any direction. 
  • Online tickets must be purchased not later than one hour prior to departure and are valid
    for the specific day that you book.
  • Paper tickets are valid for one month from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated.
  • Your paper ticket is also your receipt.
  • *Surcharge of SEK 100 for tickets purchased on board the train.
  • Proof of age and a valid student card must always be provided for youth and student tickets.
  • All prices include 6% VAT.
  • Arlanda Express makes reservations for price, rule and timetable changes.