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The main features of A-Train AB’s and the Passenger’s reciprocal rights and obligations are regulated by legal regulations [2015:953] on the rights of public-transport passengers, Regulation (EC) No. 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on rail passengers’ rights and obligations (PRR), and the Swedish Railways Act and other statutes.
Arlanda Express Travel Terms and Conditions (pdf)

Conditions of carriage
Summary of Arlanda Express General Conditions for passengers, checked-in baggage, etc.

Tickets/Passenger transport
You shall always be able to present a valid ticket for the journey. If you are travelling on an electronic ticket, you shall be able to prove it by presenting valid identification. Lost ticket will not be reimbursed. If a paper ticket is returned prior to commencement of travel, the train fare will be reimbursed. Arlanda Express has the right to refuse to transport any person who appears to be under the influence of alcoholic drinks or disturbs good order; and any person who, through his/her actions, puts at risk the safety of railway operations. A person refused transportation has the right to be reimbursed for the fare he/she has paid.

Baggage checked-in by an airline company, is transported by Arlanda Express due to agreements with respective airline. Claims are handled by respective airline.
Each traveller is responsible for his/her hand baggage.
As hand baggage, it is forbidden to bring:
- dangerous goods
- firearms, unless a vital part for the functioning of the weapon is removed and kept apart from the weapon
- other articles which may result in inconvenience or discomfort to fellow-travellers or Arlanda Express, or articles which may cause damage.

Dogs and other small pets may be transported in a cage or equivalent packing according to airline regulations and may be brought in specially assigned sitting areas. Guide dogs, however, as personal help for visually handicapped travellers, may be brought also in other sitting areas.

Personal injuries or damage to baggage
Arlanda Express is according to the Railway Traffic Act strictly liable for personal injury and simultaneous damage to carried baggage. Solely damage to objects, which Arlanda Express as an exception is liable for, is limited to half a base-amount. It is therefore recommended that you have your baggage insured before departure.
Arlanda Express will not compensate for damage you may sustain by getting on the wrong train or missing the time of departure. The same is applicable when not allowing yourself enough time margin for travelling to Arlanda. If your baggage causes any damage, you are obliged to compensate for the damage in accordance with the general tort law.

Packing of bulky goods
Checked-in bulky baggage, as for example bicycles and articles for sporting purposes, shall be packed in accordance with the norms of the airlines. Maximum allowed weight per piece of luggage is defined by the regulations of each airline company.

The bicycle does not need to be packaged. We recommend that the handlebars of the bicycle is turned so that they lie along the length of the bicycle.

Delays which may occur

Arlanda Express provides a travel time guarantee. If you are more than 25 minutes late to your station of destination, you may demand a new ticket. In case of delays of 20 minutes or more a traveler may either get a refund on the ticket price (+ 20 minutes = 50 %, +40 minutes = 75 % or +60 minutes = 100 %) or claim compensation due to the use of substitute transportation up to a limit of 1/40 of the Swedish price basic amount, SEK 1 163.- (2019). Reasonable costs deducted by Arlanda Express ticket price.

If the journey takes more than 50 minutes from departure station to arrival station and if as a consequence you miss your connecting journey because  of this, Arlanda Express will reimburse you for the additional  costs you incur by not being able to complete your journey. The maximum reimbursement amount is three-tenths of one Swedish price basic amount, SEK 13 950.- (2019).

Please contact our Customer Services at: claims@atrain.se or use the contact form on our website.

Information regarding passengers rights (pdf)

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