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Did you know that when we built our trains, safety requirements for certain components on the Arlanda Express trains were higher than for the trains running under the English Channel? But then again, this is probably self-evident when it comes to trains that reach 200 km/h and carry up to 190 seated passengers. Nothing may be left to chance. As an example, all components of the train interiors are carefully selected with consideration to fire safety.

But it's not enough that the trains themselves perform well. They also have to interact with the line's automatic safety system and be adapted to the electrical power conditions. The first Arlanda Epress trains were therefore test-run for a full year inspected by three different government agencies before being put into service. For safety's sake.

Arlanda Express whistleblowing function
A-Train strives to maintain an open business climate and a high ethical level that is in line with our company values. We protect the safety and respect of all people who are affected by our business. A-Trains Whistleblowing-function provides an opportunity to report serious malfunctions such as fraud, corruption or other irregularities and which can be a serious threat to individuals, lives and health. By reporting suspicious or actual serious irregularities, you help us to ensure that we operate in line with our company values.

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Onboard safety
Please use the baggage racks and do not obstruct the doors and aisles. One of the mid-train carriages has extra space for prams and wheelchairs.
If an emergency should occur, always follow the instructions of the personnel as they are trained for this.

Our defibrillators have already saved lives, and can be found on board all Arlanda Express trains and at our ticket office in the departure lounge and at the north end of the platform between tracks 1 and 2 at Stockholm Central Station. Take a look next time you travel with us. Our on-board staff are trained in CPR and go on regular refresher courses.


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