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Those of us who work on the Arlanda Express want to give you an experience, not just a 18-minute ride between Stockholm City and Arlanda Airport. From when you're first planning your journey until you're home again, we want to meet and exceed your expectations.

Your opinions are important to us. Please fill in our form and tell us about your experience with our service.

Short facts about Arlanda Express

  • About 180 people work at Arlanda Express (approx. 40 in the office)
  • We speak/understand a total of 24 languages (Swedish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Syriac, Serbian, Polish, Kurdish, Lebanese, Hungarian, Hindi, Tunisian Arabic, Meänkieli and Japanese ). And the sign language!
  • There are 48% women and 52% men working at Arlanda Express
  • Our oldest colleague is 65 years old
  • Each month, we return about 50 things that have been left behind
  • We have a hospitality team that turns up now and then with complimentary buns, coffee or something else equally enjoyable.
  • Everything we do is based on our core values: 
    Profiency - Respect - Responsibility - Trust - Satisfaction

Service card

The Arlanda Express service card was created with the aim of rewarding those who have an especially good sense of service that is out of the ordinary. If we encounter a person with these characteristics, we like to present them with our service card, which entitles them to a return trip with us. Who knows? Perhaps you want to become one of us. We are keen to recruit train attendants who are passionate about service, strive to be best and want to exceed our customers’ expectations!


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