Environment and CSR

Arlanda express is committed to diversity

At Arlanda express, diversity is a watchword that is respected by all parts of the operation.

The internal diversity activities are guided by the Arlanda Express Diversity Policy. The Diversity Policy establishes that:

  • Arlanda Express strives for cultural and ethnic diversity in recruitment.

  • Arlanda Express strives for a wide age distribution and gender balance among employees.

  • Arlanda Express does not accept any form of discrimination.

Arlanda express has extended its commitment to diversity to include an external responsibility through a Declaration on Diversity. The Declaration on Diversity has been inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Based on the Declaration on Diversity, Arlanda express identifies projects and purposes for the company’s engagement, including financial contributions.

Arlanda express Declaration on Diversity

  • Arlanda express believes that all people have equal value and equal rights.

  • Arlanda express believes that diversity entails tolerance, acceptance and equality.

  • Arlanda express believes that diversity accelerates democratisation, locally and globally.

  • Using the UN Convention on Human rights as its basis, Arlanda Express supports increased diversity.

  • Arlanda express inspires its business partners to undertake progressive diversity management.

Arlanda express and the environment

Green electricity

Travelling by train is beneficial for the environment. It means that emissions are extremely low and it is an energy-efficient way to travel. Did you know that after cycling, taking the train is the best way to travel from an environmental perspective.

Our trains are operated 100% on electricity that carries the “Good Environmental Choice” label or green electricity as it is also known. This means that the electricity comes from renewable energy sources, such as hydropower, wind power and biofuels. Good Environmental Choice is the only environmental certification that places stringent environmental requirements on production. This differentiates Good Environmental Choice from ordinary renewable electricity, which only guarantees that the electricity comes from renewable energy without making any environmental demands.

A-train Net Zero Strategy

We are actively working to reduce our emissions and we have a comprehensive strategy to become net zero by the end 2025/2026 within scope 1 and 2.
To achieve this, we’ve developed a detailed business plan that includes several actions:

  • We will replace all fossil diesel in our facilities with HVO100 in 2023

  • We also intend to refuel our diesel locomotive with HVO 100 in 2023

  • Two company diesel cars will be replaced with electric vehicles leasing agreement

  • We are investigating the possibilities to install solar panels on the roof of Blackvreten depot


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