All about our tickets and pricing

Ticket types

Web tickets need to be purchased before you board the train.

Adult (Flex)

One-way: 299 SEK
Return: 579 SEK

Youth, ages 8 – 25 (Flex)

One-way: 149 SEK
Return: 298 SEK

Pensioner, age 65+ (Flex)

One-way: 249 SEK
Return: 498 SEK


Ages 0 – 7 always travel for free Ages 8 – 17 travel for free when accompanied by a paying traveler over 26 years old Ages 8 – 17 unaccompanied by an adult travel with a youth ticket

Discounted tickets (Fix)

One way ticket
2 for 379 SEK
3 for 479 SEK
4 for 579 SEK

Two, three or four persons that travel together on a one-way trip. Tickets are not rebookable or refundable.

Travel card (rechargeable)

Adult, 10 trips / 25 trips
2 690 SEK / 5 980 SEK

Travel cards are not linked to a single person and can be used for both individual and group trips. Travel cards can be purchased through the app, on the web as well as at our ticket counters in Stockholm Central station and at Swedavia at Arlanda Airport. Travel cards are valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. An activated travel card is not refundable.

Group trips

For groups of at least 30 people

Contact with a price inquiry, and we will respond with a quotation. Enter “Group trip” in the subject line of the e-mail, and disclose how many you are, the ages of those traveling and the relevant dates.

Please contact us at least three weeks before your trip to ensure that we will have sufficient time to process your inquiry.

Earn CashPoints with Norwegian

If you are a member of the Norwegian Reward Program you can earn CashPoints when you buy your ticket through our website or our app. You earn 4% of the sum in CashPoints at every purchase.

Conditions: To earn CashPoints you must purchase your ticket on the web or in our app (not valid for purchase of travel cards). Your Reward Program number must be disclosed on purchase to earn points. Please check the number you enter when you make your purchase. Registering points is not possible after a purchase is made. If a purchase is refunded, the earned CashPoints will also be removed from the Norwegian Reward Program.


  • Flex tickets can be rebooked and refunded before the set travel date.

  • Fix tickets cannot be rebooked or refunded.

  • Age must be verified for children and youths.

  • Accompanied children in ages 0-7 always travel for free.

  • Tickets bought through the app must be activated on boarding the train and have certain conditions. The Arlanda Express app can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play.

  • Tickets bought on the web must be purchased before boarding the train and are valid for the set travel date.

  • Tickets bought from the ticket machine are valid for one month from the date of purchase if nothing else is stated.

  • An extra charge of 100 SEK is applied if tickets are purchased on the train. Cash payments are not accepted.

  • Receipts are not valid as tickets.

  • The ticket is a document of value.

  • Only Arlanda express tickets are valid on the train.

  • All prices include 6% VAT.

  • Arlanda express reserves the right to adjust pricing, rules and timetables.

How long is an Arlanda express ticket valid?

Tickets bought on the web are valid for the departure date chosen when purchasing. Tickets bought at our ticket machines, counters, through Swedavia or through the app are valid for 30 days.

How much does an Arlanda express ticket cost?

An adult ticket (26 years or older) costs 299 SEK. A round trip costs 579 SEK. Pensioner tickets cost 249 SEK, and there are available discounts if you travel in a group. Children under 18 years travel for free when accompanied by an adult.