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There's plenty of room for both travellers and baggage on our trains. Place your baggage on the spacious baggage racks located by the doors. For safety reasons, please keep the aisles and doors free from baggage. The highest permitted weight per item is determined by your airline.

If you're travelling with large or heavy baggage, please take the lift instead of the escalator to avoid accidents.

Power outlets

Yes, there are power outlets by each seat on our trains. Charge all you want!


We offer free wifi onboard our trains and by the platforms at Arlanda.

How to connect:

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  2. Select and connect to the network Arlanda Express.

  3. If you're using a smartphone or tablet, wait for a box the message "Success" to appear. If you're using a laptop, just open a page in your web browser.

  4. Done! Enjoy free wifi during your trip.


There's a designated area for prams in the middle of the train.


We observe the airlines' guidelines for bikes. You don't have to package your bike, but please make sure it isn't in the way for other passengers or personnel.


You’re welcome to bring your dogs and other small pets. Your pets must be on a leash or in a cage, and may not sit on the chairs. Please use the middle carriages with animals allowed-stickers. Guide-dogs for the visually impaired are welcome in all carriages.

Here's more info on travelling with pets.

Check in at Stockholm Central Station

Many airlines let you check in at our waiting area in Stockholm Central Station. Ask your airline for if this is possible for your journey.

Travelling with visual or mobility impairments

If you have a disability, you may be accompanied by an assistant at no extra charge. In the middle of every train is a special area for wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs. We also have spacious handicap WC onboard.

Guide dogs may accompany their owners at no additional cost in all carriages – including those outside the regular animals allowed-section.

No vertical variations between train and platform

There are no vertical variations between the trains and the platforms. At Arlanda Airport, you can take a lift directly between the platforms and the terminals.


We offer assistance at no extra cost. Here's how it works:

If you're going from Stockholm Central Station to Arlanda Airport

To make sure you get assistance at Arlanda Airport, please book it via your airline at least 48 hours before departure. Upon arrival at Arlanda, our train attendant will assist you to a helping point. Then your pre-booked assistance will take over.

If you haven’t booked assistance, let your train attendant know that you require it, and they will try to book it for you. Alternatively, you can book assistance yourself upon arrival at the Arlanda platform. Proceed to a helping point and book assistance with the intercom.

Are you travelling with another railway company to Stockholm Central Station, and then transferring to Arlanda express? Please contact SJ customer service online, or call +46 771 75 75 99. 

If you're going from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Central Station

Contact your airline for assistance to the Arlanda express platform.

Special transport services

You can travel with the Arlanda express using your special transport services card from the Stockholm County Civil. You do not need to buy a ticket in advance, just show your card to the train conductor. Then you pay for the journey afterwards via an invoice, along with your other special transport services.

For info on assistance with Special transport services and more, please visit Färdtjänstens website (Swedish only) or call +46 8 720 80 80.

Dangerous goods

When travelling with Arlanda express, you may not carry dangerous goods such as explosives and flammable material. And you may not carry objects that can injure or cause inconvenience and discomfort to other passengers, or to Arlanda express.

Buy tickets

Travel together, it's cheaper. And more fun! Our smart price-algorithm always gives you the maximum discount on group tickets.